Disney Artist Giorgio Cavazzano to visit Witney Wolves

Giorgio Cavazzano, renowned Disney artist, gets behind Witney SEN (Special Educational Needs) Tag Rugby team... “The Witney Wolves”

On Monday 1st May Giorgio Cavazzano, accompanied by a reporter commissioned by Walt Disney, will make a very special visit to Witney RFU ground at Hailey Road Witney between 2.30-6.00pm.

His aim is simple. Following an introduction into SEN Tag Rugby by his friend, Jeremy Bristoe (Head Coach of The Wolves) Giorgio and his wife, decided to make a special trip during the Xmas break last year, to see for themselves just what this team in Witney was all about.

Giorgio and his wife, Elena, accompanied Jeremy and met around 23 of their now 36 strong team. The kids aged between 6-22 years old with a range of disabilities from Down’s syndrome, learning difficulties, autism etc. were mesmerised as Giorgio decided to draw a Disney character of their choice to keep as a memento of the day!!

Giorgio is now totally captured by this wonderful team and has designed two special heroes especially for the Wolves and also a fantastic new Super Hero called Supertag Duck to fly high above the entire community of SEN Tag Rugby at home and hopefully abroad.

Giorgio will officially launch his new great characters and also help gather information and photos to hopefully be included in the Disney Global magazine with a reach of 76 countries!! Jeremy is hoping Giorgio, aided by his friends at Disney, will help give a higher profile to kids represented in the Wolves. Jeremy‘s slogan is “We take can‘t do kids and make them into CAN DO KIDS!”

Press Release