Importance Notice To All Wolves Parents

Jeremy has asked me to let you all know that he has had to go to Nova Scotia, Canada for work commitments. His contract is for three months but he hopes to return every 4 weeks to keep his committment to the continual success of The Wolves.

Jeremy and I have been working for the last couple of weeks on pooling all available coaches to ensure we are able to hold sessions weekly until normal service is resumed at Xmas..

To enable us to work around all of this we gave decided to split our Sunday sessions into two groups. This will enable us to have more manageable numbers in light of our reduced capacity for this relatively short period.

Jeremy and I plan to launch the new season together commencing Sunday 17th September.


Please attend the session you feel most age/ability appropriate and we will advise accordingly if we need to make slight changes to balance the numbers etc.

As I can't do every week, there are still a number of Sunday's I've yet to get covered, but I'm working with a number of coaching colleagues to fill the gaps as best I can! Dec may be able to come back for a few sessions and I have already had offers of occasional help from Gary Morris and Mark Clarke, who helped coach at the tournament! Needless to say I may need to call on parents to assist me through Jeremy's absence.

On a more up beat note: we plan to have up to 3 mini triangular tournaments with Bristol and Wasps! We also plan to have a number of integrated sessions with groups from other sports and mixed ability teams. There is an initiate to mix with able bodied players to give our more talented players (and we have plenty) the opportunity to play at a higher level.

We also hope our young adult players can be mentored to take on more coaching roles with the junior squad. More details to follow. We look forward to seeing you on 17th September at the appropriate start time.

Any queries, please contact me!